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Corner pre-wash

Replaces the in-line pre-wash in 31-10.2 and 31-11.2 models, allowing to save space in the L and C-shaped installations.


In-line drying

This optional module measuring 600mm is developed to house the ProWind drying system; refer to the detailed description for information.


Corner drying

It replaces in-line drying, allowing to save space in the L or C-shaped installations.


Heat recovery device

It uses the high-effi ciency ProHeat system; refer to the detailed description for information.


Detergent and rinse aid dosing devices

Peristaltic with electronic adjustment, mounted inside the machine.


Isolating switch on the machine

Installed in an easily accessible position, it allows physical disconnection from the
electric power supply at the end of the day.


Emergency switches

The manual reset type; they are positioned in inlet or outlet according to the layout of the washing area.

Pressure reducer with pressure gauge

For the 31-10 family only, it is essential when the feed pressure is not constant and deviatedgreatly from the optimal value of 2 bar.